Learn how to pre-set your GUI project on KnowCode.

Accessing KnowCode and sending files

This is the first screen of KnowCode. Check the referred numbers and discover what to do in each functionality.

1) Key

Put the access key you’ve received by e-mail. It’s a sequence of numbers and letters (e.g. C98F974CCCCF4626).

2) Project Name

Set the Project name. This name will be used in the download file name.
IMPORTANT: NAMES CAN ONLY CONTAIN A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and underscore. Otherwise, the application cannot be compiled in TouchGFX. Even the path (e.g. C:\Users\steve\Documents\project_name) must comply with these rules.

3) Screenshots

Zip file containing all screens of your project in PNG or JPG format (e.g., sample below)

4) Image Icons

Zip file containing every project image (e.g., widgets, background, icons). PNG or JPG
RECOMMENDATION: prefer using widgets with writing.
PS: Be sure that all images are in the right dimensions (and proportion) before uploading them. It affects the quality of the end result

5) Send project

Click on “Send project” and let KnowCode computer vision to detect all GUI elements ATTENTION: it should take around 20 seconds per screen. If it takes too long, be sure you are using a valid Access Key.
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